What We Do

What We Do

Our Programs

At Sky Island Alliance we connect wildlife pathways, discover new species, establish protected areas, restore healthy landscapes, and promote public appreciation of the Madrean Sky Islands. Our work connects people to science and policy to create real conservation change.


We safeguard open space and wildlife habitat that provides for quiet recreation, solitude and a sense of wonder for nature and wild lands. We identify and help protect special places that require and deserve protection, and we work with agencies and engage with agency processes to help improve land management decisions.


The Explore program is all about discovery, science, and learning. We lead scientific expeditions to explore new places and discover new species. Our goal is to make significant contributions to the current body of knowledge related to biodiversity for conservation, shared through a public database.


Wildlife need space to move and thrive. We work to ensure they have that space: a network of connected and protected habitats between Sky Island mountain ranges.


We get dirt under our nails to protect and enhance habitat for the greatest diversity of species possible and to keep water on the landscape. We engage volunteers, work with agencies to conduct conservation measures for imperiled species, and collaborate with private landowners to improve habitat and watershed health.


The Adapt Program works to ensure that species and ecosystems have the space they need to adapt. We help land and resource managers plan for climate change. We work to build policies and regulations that make sense for wildlife and water in a warmer, drier world.