Water Roots 2018

You’ve heard it often enough before: Water is life. Nowhere is that more true than here in the Sky Island of the arid Southwestern US and Northern Mexico. We’d like to share some of the inspiring and tangible actions being taken by our diverse partners to ensure a secure water future for the wildlife, landscapes, and human populations of this unique region.

Spring is for celebrating our springs!

Join us for a series of presentations, discussions, and citizen science events in Tucson to hear and share stories about water and nature in the Sky Islands. The UN honors World Water Day annually on March 22nd , and this year’s theme is Water for Nature. We would be honored to have you celebrate with us.

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Upcoming Water Roots events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Other events to be scheduled soon

  • Springs Down Under: What Southern Arizona can learn from South Australia
    Louise Misztal, Executive Director at Sky Island Alliance
    Date: TBD
    Location: TBD

Past events in the series

Submit your water photo

Help us build a vision of what water means to you with photos. Even though water is priceless, we do put value on it—the question is how? In our complex political and monetary system, are your values reflected?

Submit your photo of water and THREE words to describe it or how you value water.  With your photo submission and choice words, we will start linking people’s value of water to a sustainable vision for Arizona.