Track the Jaguars

Join artist and Sky Island Alliance board member Pat Frederick on a journey to honor and remember two jaguars that once roamed the wild Sky Islands and Northern Jaguar Preserve—Macho B and Corazon.

Spirit of Macho B

The Spirit of Macho B by artist Pat Frederick

These Jaguars captured our hearts and imagination as we caught a glimpse into their lives through images captured by remote cameras.

Jaguar (c) Sky Island Alliance/ El Aribabi

Jaguar Photographed at Rancho El Aribabi near the U.S. MX border.

Pat’s sculptures bring them back to life through dynamic metal work and remind us of the power and beauty of wild jaguars. Jaguars need population strongholds where they can roam and breed and intact pathways to travel between mountain ranges and establish new territories.

Join Sky Island Alliance and Northern Jaguar Project at upcoming events as we accompany these sculptures to historic and potential future jaguar haunts in the Sky Islands of southern Arizona. Meet artist Pat Frederick and talk to local biologist working to conserve safe places for these jaguars to roam.

Spirit of Corazon

The Spirit of Corazon by artist Pat Frederick

Northern Jaguar Project is protecting the world’s northernmost jaguars by conserving safe refuge for breeding populations in Sonora, and Sky Island Alliance is protecting safe passage for jaguars to reach Sky Islands in southern Arizona.

Corazon at Los Pavos cortesy of Northern Jaguar Project

Corazon at Los Pavos cortesy of Northern Jaguar Project

The sculptures will be on tour through 2017, but are available for purchase. If you are interested in buying one or both of these majestic cats, contact Pat Frederick for pricing.

Do you own a gallery or sponsor community events in southern Arizona? Contact us to book the Spirit of Macho B or Corazon sculpture for your event or showing.



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