Bill Bemis, Sky Island Hero

Bill exemplifies everything a nonprofit could hope to have as a donor, volunteer, and all-around supporter. Bill has attended numerous field outings over the past three years, from pond plantings to seed collections; he also participates in our Adopt-a-Spring program, visiting a spring site in Parker Canyon five times a year to record vital data for our springs program. Beyond that, Bill has helped with multiple outreach events and attended, donated, and spoken on behalf of our organization at many of our fundraising events. Everyone on staff has been helped by Bill in one way or another, and we continue to be amazed at his generosity, spirit, and commitment to helping us protect and restore the Sky Islands. Thank you Bill!

I give to Sky Island Alliance because I support preserving, protecting, and restoring our unique ecosystem in Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora. I give to Sky Island Alliance because in a time when politicians insult and attack our neighbors, Sky Island Alliance is an organization that builds alliances and relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations in Mexico. I give to Sky Island Alliance because they give me the opportunity to contribute my sweat as well as my money. I give to Sky Island Alliance because they are providing me with a wonderful education about our environment. – Bill