Sky Island Heroes

We want to acknowledge some of the amazing people who are champions of conservation in the Sky Islands – from our annual awardees, to community volunteers, scientists, and advocates like you.  For every person we highlight here there are hundreds more, each doing their part to make this a more connected, healthy and vibrant place. Thank you!

Julie and Billy Martin, Sky Island Heroes

It is with great pleasure that we at Sky Island Alliance announce our new Sky Island Heroes: Billy and Julie Martin! Billy and Julie joined us most recently on a springs assessment trip in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Julie has volunteered on numerous trips since 2015 (the spring assessment was Billy’s second outing), including multiple springs assessments, restoration work in Aravaipa Canyon, and a BioBlitz! This power couple has also donated multiple times in response to our seasonal appeals, and they have donated seed packets from their co-owned Native Seed Company for silent auctions.

(Julie even made brownies for everyone on the most recent spring assessment trip, which went over quite well with all the hard-working volunteers and staff members!)

Volunteering for Sky Island Alliance is always so rewarding. We get to explore places in our own backyard that we never knew existed. It is citizen science at its best. Most impressive has been the sincere gratitude shown by SIA staff every time we donate or volunteer.
– Billy and Julie

From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU, Billy and Julie, for being our Sky Island Heroes!