Adopt-a-Spring Monitoring

Sky Island Alliance volunteers are engaged in a critical monitoring efforts at key spring sites. Adopt-a-Spring teams are monitoring springs sites scattered across the region to collect seasonal data. This information will help us understand if restoration treatments are benefiting wildlife and ecosystems. It will also help us track the impact of climate change on spring ecosystems.

Dedicated teams visit a spring once per season to:

  • Collect information on flow, wetted area and water quality.
  • Collect photos.
  • Note any plants/animals not already on the list for the site.

Monitoring springs provides data on climatic influences on flow rates and species compositions.  Longer-term assessments will provide richer species data and further document ecosystem stressors.

We are currently monitoring six sites located in the following mountain ranges: Pajaritos, Rincons, Pinaleños, Chiricahuas, Santa Ritas and Whetstones.

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