Vanessa Richter


I am a Tucson native whose relationship with our beautiful desert started with hiking and camping in the Southern Arizona mountains with my father. Guided by a commitment to conservation and a love of nature, I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona. Working as an engineer in Arizona and Florida through 2008 advanced my knowledge of waterways, wetlands, wildlife protection, and the need to balance development with the natural world. In 2008, I switched my career focus to energy efficiency working for a non-profit focused on saving energy across the United States. I am committed to finding scalable solutions to help mitigate the impacts of climate change. I live in Tucson with my wife, Lori, our son Harrison, and three crazy dogs. Thanks to Lori, I was reminded of my love of hiking in 2011 and we now hike as often as we can, with Mount Lemmon a favorite destination. As an advocate for empowering our youth through education, I am also involved with my son’s elementary school, including being a PTA board member and advancing sustainability initiatives such as water harvesting and the installation of on-site solar panels. I am honored to be a part of the Sky Island Alliance board, using my business and engineering experience to advance various initiatives that benefit the beautiful and unique spaces that I love in Southern Arizona.

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