Pat Frederick

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I am a retired veterinarian who creates the essence of the horse and other animals with steel. As a vet for I worked professionally with horses, dogs, cats and rabbits doing acupuncture and spinal manipulation. My artistic endeavors began in high school but were not formalized by education until after spending seven years in Australia. A have a four year Associate Diploma degree in painting and a Certificate in Ceramics. I have barrel raced, ridden event horses, followed cattle on ranch work and reached FEI levels of dressage.  The many different animal body types of these different disciplines frequently show up in my steel and bronze sculpture. When I’m not designing and welding a new piece, I also help manage the historic Ruby Mines property of Ruby, Arizona, which is a lovely wild spot with a history. I am a Board Member of Sky Island Alliance, secretary of the board and a member of the HR committee. I feel honored to work with a group that participates in the wild places of the sky islands by using science and naming or counting what exists in wild places, and improving other geographic areas that need restoration.  I thrill to think of what it means to put wildlife bridges or underpasses across our highways.

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