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Climate Change Adaptation Project


Beetle and Spider
Photo by Randy Serraglio

April 13-14, 2011 | Hotel Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

The second workshop in a three part series, Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Climate Change Adaptation and Resource Managment for the Sky Island Region was convened by Sky Island Alliance in April 2011. This workshop focused on ecosystems of the Sky Island region of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and northern Mexico. Workshop objectives included sharing knowledge about climate change impacts and management implications for ecosystems of the Sky Island region, developing individual and collective adaptation actions, developing a pilot project to begin implementation of adaptation strategies, and continuing to build a diverse network of organizations, natural resource managers and scientists interested in improving natural resource management.

We were pleased to convene the workshop with EcoAdapt. Led by chief scientist and executive director Dr. Lara Hansen, EcoAdaptís work is focused on developing the field of climate change adaptation, and supporting implementation of adaptation measures to make all of our efforts more robust in the face of climate change.


Workshop Presentations and Audio Recordings

Workshop Welcome

Sky Island Alliance and EcoAdapt

Climate Change and the Southwest

> Audio Recording (MP3)
> PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Jonathan Overpeck, University of Arizona


> Audio Recording (MP3)
> PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Thomas Meixner, University of Arizona

Invasive Species

> Audio Recording (MP3)
> PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Julio Betancourt, University of Arizona


> Audio Recording (MP3)
> PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Brooke Gebow, TNC and Coronado National Forest

Landscape Connectivity

> Audio Recording (MP3)

Sergio Avila, Sky Island Alliance

Panel Discussion and Questions

> Audio Recording (MP3)


Assessing the Vulnerability of Wildlife

> Audio Recording (MP3)

Sharon Coe, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station and University of Arizona

Projected Changes and Uncertainty

> Audio Recording (MP3)
> PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

Jennie Hoffman, EcoAdapt

Adaptation Case Study Interviews

> Audio Recording (MP3)

Jemez Moutains: Gregg Garfin, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area: Karen Simms, BLM and, Gita Bodner, TNC

Breakout Group Guidance

> Breakout Group Guidance (PDF)

Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt

Breakout Group Presentations

> Madrean Forests Recording (MP3)
> Madrean Forests PowerPoint (PDF)

> Semidesert Grasslands Recording (MP3)
> Semidesert Grasslands PowerPoint (PDF)

> Desert PowerPoint (PDF)

> Riparian Recording (MP3)

> Riparian PowerPoint (PDF)


Craig Wilcox, USFS Coronado National Forest


Dan Cohan, USFWS Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge


Cecil Schwalbe, USGS


Ron Tiller, The Nature Conservancy

Pre-Workshop Materials

2011 Workshop Invite


2011 Workshop Application


Workshop Packet Materials

Workshop Agenda


Dry Times Ahead

Overpeck and Udall, 2010

Managing Changing Landscapes in the Southwestern United States

Marcos Robles and Carolyn Enquist, 2011. The Nature Conservancy

A System for Assessing Vulnerability of Species to Climate Change

USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Jemez Mtns Fact Sheet

Southwest Climate Change Initiative (TNC)

Data Basin Climate Center

Data Basin

Southwest Climate Change Network

Participant Roster


Poster Abstracts


Materials For Breakout Group Work

Sky Island Region Planning Area

Sky Island Alliance

Assessing Vulnerability Cheat Sheet 


Adaptation Project Worksheet


Adaptation Planning Worksheet


Background Reading For Breakout Group Work

Climate and Wildfire in the Western United States 

A. L. Westerling, 2008 

Modeling climate change impacts - and uncertainty - on the hydrology of a riparian system: The San Pedro Basin (Arizona/Sonora)

Serrat-Capdevila, A. et al., 2007

Desert Breakout Group Materials

Developing a Decision Support Model for Buffelgrass Management in Southern Arizona

Frid, L., et al., 2010

Draft Desired Conditions for Desert Communities

Coronado National Forest

Semi-desert Grassland Breakout Group Materials

Las Cienegas RMP Upland Objectives

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Grassland State and Transition Model


Draft Desired Conditions for Grasslands

Coronado National Forest

Climate and Wildfire in the Western United States 

A. L. Westerling, 2008 

Grassland Dynamics shift with climate fluctuations

Melanie Lenart, CLIMAS, 2006

Madrean Forest Breakout Group Materials

Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States 

Williams, A. P. et al., 2011 

Adapting to climate change in United States national forests

Blate, G. M. et al., 2009 

Does It Make Sense to Restore Wildland Fire in Changing Climate?

Peter Z. Fule, 2008 

High-severity wildfire effects on carbon stocks and emissions in fuels treated and untreated forest 

Malcom P. North and Matthew D. Hurtea, 2011 

Warming and Earlier Spring Increases Western U.S. Forest Wildfire Activity

Westerling, A.L., H.G. Hidalgo, D.R. Cayan, T.W. Swetnam 2006

Draft Desired Condition Statements for Madrean Forests

Coronado National Forest

Riparian Breakout Group Materials

Potential Effects of Climate Change on the Upper San Pedro Riparian Ecosystem

Dixon, Stromberg, Price, Galbraith, Fremier, and Larsen 

Projecting avian response to linked changes in groundwater and riparian floodplain vegetation along a dryland river: a scenario analysis

Brand, L. A., 2011

Climate Change Workshops

A Three Part Series


Cloverdale Cienega

Workshop 1 (2010)
Develop a common understanding
of the impacts of climate change
in the region.

Build a diverse network of organizations,
natural resource managers and scientists
interested in continuing to engage on the
issues of climate change adaptation.

Workshop 2 (2011)
Focus will be on the biology, vulnerabilities
and adaptation strategies specific to
the Sky Island region.

Workshop 3 (2012)
Focus will be on adaptation strategy
implementation in the Sky Island region,
what's working what isn't. How has
our knowledge changed and how has
our thinking changed.


The Arizona Climate Change Network is a network of natural resource management, planning, and conservation professionals, scientists, and landowners concerned with the mounting effects of climate change at the local and regional level. By connecting leading planners and thinkers in natural resource management and conservation with experts on regional climate impacts and adaptation, the Network is fostering knowledge sharing and generating new management strategies to respond to changes.

By joining the Network you will receive updates about Network happenings, upcoming climate change adaptation workshops and other information related to climate change adaptation in Arizona.

Sign up to be part of the Arizona Climate Change Network


SIAvvvvEcoAdapt nnnIEnSNRE


and Udall Foundation US Institute for Environmental Conflict

These workshops are made possible by generous support from: Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, and The Kresge Foundation

Thank you to our workshop sponsoring partners: Saguaro National Park, Coronado National Forest, Arizona Game and Fish Department


Inquiries can be sent to
or to Louise Misztal, Conservation Policy Program Coordinator at or at 520-624-7080 x19