Sky Island Heroes

We want to acknowledge some of the amazing people who are champions of conservation in the Sky Islands – from our annual awardees, to community volunteers, scientists, and advocates like you.  For every person we highlight here there are hundreds more, each doing their part to make this a more connected, healthy and vibrant place. Thank you!

Jonathan & Roseann Hanson – Sky Island Alliance GEMs!


Jonathan & Roseann Hanson invite you to join them as sustaining donors to Sky Island Alliance!

“We just set up our own monthly giving donation of $25 and want to recruit TEN MORE PEOPLE to join us before the end of the year, so we can collectively raise at least $2500 in honor of SIA’s 25th Anniversary! Because working together is what Sky Island Alliance is all about. Please join us in giving $25 a month, we will give you a free copy of our newly updated book, Animal Tracks: Basic Illustrated Guide!”  Yes! Count me in!